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      OK I am now official feeling old.I went to our local offy and havin mentioned blastaways and seeing diamond white I askd if he had any casaway?????

      He looked about 19/20 and he said whats that then?

      How old am I ?

      Im 40 years old and spent many, many years in pubs drinking mainly but also working and i have never heard of it. diamond white, remember that so well,prefered K myself though,and holstern pils, holstern pils can you still get that ? just popping out.:)

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      Yes you can still get holsten pils. a freind of mine used to recomend drinking it over ice never tryed it my self though

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      Diamond white?Snakebite?OOH that takes me back to one too many hangovers from too may nights at the student union.What is scary though is when you go back to your old student union 5 years later and the bar manager remembers you,goodness knows how I actually qualified!:p


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