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      Feast your Eyes


      Right, which of these do you remember (or still like ?!)

      Fray Bentos does it for me....although I have only found "Steak and Mushroom" pies here, and the tin looks decidedly flatter and wider here...and I reckon it is bigger than 213g.

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      Concorde was crap and crashed a lot, but remember it was worth a brag at school if you'd seen it.
      Hidden Gems look suspiciously like froot loops a cereal of sugar held together by a bit of grain.
      Deloreans were for posers.
      Prefer dig cameras but remember the wonder of instant photos.
      Pogs musta been after I left, but look similar to Tazos which is what we had here.

      Anyways my nostalgia are my Mum's Easter biscuits which had spice n sultanas in and also her potato cakes with lashings of butter....hmm must ask her to make some along with some seed cake. My mum cooked a lot when I was a kid as we had a big family and couldn't afford a lot of those prepackaged foods.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Rachiegarlo View Post
      Concorde was crap and crashed a lot, but remember it was worth a brag at school if you'd seen it.
      Beg to differ! Concorde crashed only once in its 34yr flying career and for an aircraft that first flew in 1969, the same year as the first Boeing 747, was way ahead of its time.

      I'm fortunate enough to have flown Concorde from London to New York, and it still makes me smile to remember landing at JFK earlier than we had taken off from Heathrow.

      Air France engineers are maintaining one Concorde (in Toulouse) in a near-airworthy state and hope to have her flying again, although it's likely only on the airshow circuit.

      (I'll climb off my soapbox now!)



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