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      Playstation 3 - where to get best deal?

      Noticed of late my rather strange infatuation with karaoke and an uncanny knack to pull off the wrong notes at the most inopportune moments.

      Figure I may as well get Singstar to make it fun. Not gonna be the next Susan Boyle or Paul Potts but may as well nail it!

      Anyone know the best place to get a PS3 from in Oz? Now the shipping has gone and we're only just over a week away from shipping ourselves over to Adelaide, may as well wait until we get there to purcharse.

      Thanks guys! See you REAL soon!

      Dave and Sarah

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      Now this I can answer! Son has just bought one after saving up for a-g-e-s - think the best deal was Harvey Norman and he paid $777 for console (80mb one), two games, extra controller and a few oher bits. A good site for price comparisons online is www.shopbot.com.au - Dick Smiths and JB Hifi have occasional deals and 'bundles' that are worh looking at.

      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      $746 at dick smith same deal, just found it in the junk mail.


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      yowzers, that's hella expensive! Mein godt now I realise why I should have bought one and had it shipped.

      Thanks so much for your help with this. May just busk instead...

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      LOL welcome to Australia

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      Remind me again why I'm coming? Ha ha! Of course, because my good lady is infatuated with red wine.

      I believe alcoholism is one of the easiest addictions to pick up. That and singing. ;-)

      Thanks guys. Anyone know when this offer expires? I'm on the Adelaide path April 26, see.

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      i hope she doesn't think wine is cheap over here.

      Your going to have a great time!

      There's always a sale on, so don't worry too much

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      women are meant to be expensive. It's written in The Rules. So whatever the incursion into my wallet, we're sure to have a great time.

      Can't wait to meet the gang!

      Thanks again for all your insight.

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      Quote Originally Posted by kangomik View Post
      i hope she doesn't think wine is cheap over here.

      Your going to have a great time!

      There's always a sale on, so don't worry too much
      Its like everything over here (not what you know but , who you know !!!) we get our wine CHEAP by the box( 12 bottles) from friends . Failing that $14 for a 5litre box at the drive through still isn't expensive !!!

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      Scottish Butcher

      Is the scottish butcher still at Christies anyone who lives out there can you advise. I called their telephone number and it isn't connected.

      Any other british style butchers around - if not there's an opening there for someone, it was such a popular store if its no longer there if we have any butchers on the way help.

      If you know where the scottish butcher has relocated to please let me know.




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