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    Thread: Flu vaccine - does it cost the same at every pharmacist??

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      Quote Originally Posted by wizzywozza View Post
      Yes, that's what they normally do here, although some docs who have a practice nurse will get you to see the doc for the prescription, then you get it filled and see their nurse for the jab.

      If you have to take the vaccine home the chemist will put it in a special cooler bag usually, and make sure you keep it in the fridge.
      Thanks Wizzy - I just wondered as I wasn't sure... it's a bummer being a novice at everything. LOL

      Quote Originally Posted by Weez View Post
      Hi, it might be a bit late now but there is a vaccination clinic at the civic centre tea tree gully that does alot of vaccines at a lower price and less hassle than the Dr's, its run on a tuesday afternoon (i think) i have Flu done thru my job but i am gonna go there for tetnus and hep. check out the website if you need more info i did have a leaflet but its in a "safe place' with all my other lost things!!

      Thanks Weez - will try to remember that for next time.

      Quote Originally Posted by wizzywozza View Post
      It's by choice but I think some people may get them for free if they wish.

      I have always had one done, and having seen my husband end up in hospital on a drip through having Type A flu a couple of years ago, it's something I would recommend everyone has done. Hubby lost 10 kilos in weight in a week, and I thought he was going to die. It was unlike any flu I've ever experienced before, and he still has an ongoing health issue resulting from it. Frightening stuff.
      I remember reading about your husband last year and it has always stuck in my mind, so I am keen to have the jabs. As a family we have had flu 3 times in the past 10 years - each time was pretty bad but nothing like your husband. I have begged our GP in the UK for the jab but as we weren't 'vulnerable' he wouldn't give it to us. Just glad we can get it on demand here. I don't mind paying for it if it means I don't get flu.

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      Quote Originally Posted by GIPSY View Post

      Does everyone have a flu jab or is it done by choice or if you are over a certain age?

      I have only ever had flu once (albeit not man flu!) and never want it again, but just wondered if it was comulsory in Oz?

      Some companies pay for you to have the jab, both me and my OH have had it done at work. I guess they don't want there employees off with the flu.
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      Well I had my jab yesterday and it was $23.85. The nurse at my GP's practice told me she was getting fed up with doing them as she had done at least 100 jabs since Thursday night and she was a bit ummmmm 'heavy handed' to say the least - so now I have an aching left arm!

      Now I have to persuade hubby that he really should have one, having had Type A before and being hospitalized, and the fact that we have endless kids coming in our house all the time with all their germs, he really needs one, but big wuss is afraid of needles!


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