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      Eye Hospital for children in Adelaide?

      Hi there. We have two children who have sight problems and are under Moorefields Eye Hospital in London. We are due to move to Adelaide in a few months and are wondering firstly what the procedure is for continuing their treatment, but also if someone could recommend a hospital. They are both quite short sighted and need regular check ups as they wear patches for part of the day. They are aged 6 and 1.
      Many thanks,
      Sue and Graham

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      Hi Sue and Graham

      Our son has a problem with his eyes. When we came we got a letter from his existing eye doctor explaining his condition.

      When we got here we went to our GP who referred us to an opthalmologist. You will need to get a referral annually from your GP. We see Dr Pater who is based at Flinders but visits other medical centres around Adelaide so you may not need to go to Flinders to see him if you end up too far away.

      Hope this helps.


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