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      LISA 79

      maternity payments

      hi all

      i was told that when you have a baby you get a lump sum of the sa government is this true?
      does any one have any information about home births or hospital fees.
      im thinking about expanding our family and i want to know everything i can find out as i know nothing about pregnancy and birth in australia.
      if anyone can advice me on anything i would realy apprieciate it.
      many thanks lisa.

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      If you are eligible you can get the baby bond, it used to be paid in a lump sum $5000 but now it is paid in fortnightly installments.

      Hospital fees won't cost you anything. Homebirths are slowly getting more popular here although they are a bit behind the times, won't even let me go to the birthing centre coz I had a c section with no 3. Natural births for 1,2, and 4. they are getting very americanised here and worried about getting sued and were very reluctant to actually let me have a natural birth so I have hired and independent midwife and am having a homebirth, you obviously have to pay for this which is arounf $2500. The women and childrens hospital do homebirths now but only for very very very low risk and you have to be in their catchment area. Some hospitals have birthing centres, midwife led but again you have to be very very very low risk. the rate of c sections in australia is very high and I have been told that you are more likely to end up with a c section if you go private coz of the fear of them getting sued.

      Hope that helps a bit

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      LISA 79

      thankyou for letting me know all that it is a great help.


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