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    Thread: Ante-natal Care

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      Ante-natal Care

      Hi everyone,
      My partner and I have just found out that we are expecting a baby!:)
      It is totally unexpected and was unplanned especially as we are due to begin our new life in Adelaide in 5 weeks - the house has been sold, container packed, dog transport organised, flights booked, and possible job lined up!
      Can anyone help with info about having a baby in Oz (no wisecracks please!)?
      How does the ante-natal care system work (she is 7 weeks gone)? Do we pay for it? Can we still go as obviously this was not included on the visa application? Is our 175 visa (not yet validated) still valid or do we have to tell someone about the pregnancy? Will our baby be British or Australian? Plus many more questions that I haven't thought of yet!
      Sorry for so many questions but this has come as a shock and wasn't allowed for when we started out on this adventure.
      Any help and advice that anyone can give is greatly appreciated.

      Bill (Chuffed to bits but bricking it!)

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      Don't worry about the visa, as you are having the baby here it will be an Aussie so will not need a visa. Antenatal care is very similar to UK. Just register with a Dr when you get here and they will getthe ball rolling for you. You will not have to pay. You may have to pay for some scans but this is not much.

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      Congratulations! I'm 16 weeks pregnant, we arrived in Oz in March this year. I discovered I was pregnant only a few weeks after arriving here! We obviously have medicare but also Police Health Extras cover, not private health insurance, and so far I've not had to pay for anything. The doctor has bulk billed me for all appointments (which means you dont have to pay anything), I've had 2 scans and blood tests which I've also not paid anything for. Things are pretty similar to the UK here (our daughter was born in the UK 5 years ago). One thing I would say is stock up on nice baby clothes before you come as I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds the clothes here are not as good! Hope all goes ok :)

      Nina x
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      Ive recently had a baby & was 5mths pregnant when I travelled.
      If you use a public hospital, its free. I had to pay for check ups with my doctor ($53 for the appointment & got a rebate of $35) if you have all your care & check ups at the hospital, its free. I found it to be excellent (Flinders) After i had the baby I had my own room with en suite which was lovely & clean. The hospital provides the nappies, clothes & milk if you bottle feed. (unlike the uk where you have to provide everything yourself) The staff were great and even took the baby for the night so I could get some sleep!
      As to being a citizen, I think it depends on the visa you hold. I have a permanent visa, so my baby can have an Australian passport. I also qualified for the baby bonus of $5k ( paid in stages). I have a friend here on a temporary visa & she had to get a British passport for her baby & also didnt get any bonus etc.
      Definately stock up on baby clothes,
      Maternity clothes are ok here but i bought old my ones with me. H&M & Next are much better quality.
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