We are here on a 496 temp visa and can't afford private health insurance but on recommendation for someone on PIA we took out Medibank blue ribbon extra insurance. It costs about $33 a fortnight and for that we get 2 free dental clean and check ups for each of us twice a year. I took the kids yesterday and the bill for 1 of us would have been 162 but because I went to a Medibank members choice provider there was no gap or fee at all. There is 6 in my family so that would of cost me $972 if I had no insurance
My eldest needs fillings at a cost of $84 each but under this agreement I will only pay a $10 gap.
It also covers Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Dental Prosthetist and Optical. I got nearly all the money back for my glasses.
For those like ourselves that can't afford full private insurance and have kids this is worth checking out as so far we have had more money from them than they have had from us
Obviously there are other providers and not just Medibank and I'm sure most will have similiar packages but thought it a good idea to let others know the cheaper options available to full private insurance