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      Blood tests/chest xray

      Just out of curiosity what do they check for when you have a blood test and chest xray? I know they try to check for serious illness etc and HIV but are cancer/leukemia and heart disease checked for? Or is it just contageous illnesses? Would the above mentioned actually show up on a blood test or xray? We have done our medicals and have our visa's but a friend who is currently applying for her visa asked me as there is a history of leukemia in her family but I couldn't answer the question as I have no idea what I was actually tested for

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      According to the websites I've looked at the chest xray is for TB, blood tests are mainly for HIV but checks may be done for Hep B and C if you come from a higher risk country (not the UK) or are in an occupational group such as doctor, dentist, nurse etc. Pregnant women are screened for Hep B. Children under 15 are only checked if there is a perceived risk of infection such as previous blood transfusion etc.

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      Bloods are mainly a general screen, unless high risk occupation (healthcare) or have tattoos. If high risk then hep b&C HiV needed. CXR is looking for TB and stuff like that.
      As a GP myself i needed all which was blood count (check for anaemic and some luekaemias) liver and kidney test Hep B&C Hiv and CXR was all that was required. Hope this helps


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