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    Thread: Babies?

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      Hi girls,

      I know what you mean Ali, I remember when I was expecting no. 3 son everybody looked at me as if I was mad, and many went as far as to say so to my face! We used to say we'd keep going till we got a girl or a five a side team but after 3 boys the jokes wearing a bit thin!

      I didn't know about the money till this thread was started, it cheered my husband up no end. So thanks for the info.


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      Quote Originally Posted by Guzzler&Sas View Post
      Hi girls
      Funny little ditty really .... when we arrived in Oz 14 months ago, we were at the Medicare office signing all the relevant stuff and then we got onto the family assistance bit. Had my 2 girls with me and was asked "have you finished your family yet" to which I replied, not sure yet. Lady behind desk said, "well there are lots of incentitives to have babies here now, the government will give you $4K which is not means tested" .... and then said, "don't forget now, one for dad, one for mum and one for Australia!!!" How cute is that? They are very keen to get the population up and if everyone only has 2 children, then you are only replacing yourselves, hence why they are keen for parents to have more than 2. At my daughters kindy, I feel in the minority because I only have 2 children, there are lots of families with 3 and 4 children, so perhaps I had better "speak" to my husband and see what the current thinking on an addition might be!


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      Hi jen
      how old are your 3. I would have loved 3 boys. My boy is ace the girls. The 8 year old is a complete hormonel hetty. Stood next to me cahanting 2468 boys a rubish girls are great. PIppa well I have just spent 2 hours in A&E with her after finding her eating what I am unreliable informed are gariniers!!!!apparently they are toxic but only cause d&v what joys I have to look forward to.

      might I recomend getting him drunk and going for it. Then you can tell hm its his fault as he tured into randy andy after a couple of sherberts!! Good Luck

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      Hi Ali

      I think you might have me confused with Guzzler & Sas, we will be expanding once we get there. Might make a living on it...lol


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      Blimy i dosent take me much and after the evening I've just had:o. Never mind I'm sorry:). My advice will just have to apply to sas.

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      Hi Ali,

      Our boys are 6, 3(tomorrow!) & 1 (last week), its birtdays agogo round here at the mo.
      Jay's suddenly decided he's boss of everyone else since turning 6, Sam is just a cheeky little so & so he can get away with murder just by flashing his dimples and Noah is just chilled out.
      Don't get me wrong we are delighted with them and don't have any burning desire to have a girl, but the look on other peoples faces when we told them Noah was another boy! some even said things like "Oh what a shame".


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      isn't it funny how people react to the sexes of children - if we did have another one (and I don't think that is likely with Guzzler's little comment!) we would both be very happy with another girl. But after the day I have just had with my two, an addition is a definate NO.

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      I think your right If you have a baby it should be because u want one not because u want a boy of a girl. When we announced we were expecting our 3 I was amazed at the number of people who said why you have a boy and a girl . We just wanted a baby full stop :D Instead we got a right little horror but we love her just the same.


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