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      We had only been here 6 days when my hubby collapsed with chest pains ( 8th June this year ) and i had to call for an ambulance. It arrived in no time and was in flinders hospital A & E department quickly. Luckily it wasnt a heart attack but a nasty heart virus. The care he recieved was brilliant , he had a heart scan, numerous ECG's and blood tests and was discharged after 3 days. The only cost we had to pay was $768 for the ambulance as they are chargeable. You can buy the annual cover from the post office for $109 per year for family cover ( over 18's have their own cover for $59 per year )
      We are a fit and healthy family- or so we thought after all we had medicals in the uk shortly before we arrived to get here in the first place !- But you never know.

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      Glad your hubbys ok. Morgan had somthing similar a couple of years ago very scary at the time as you atomaticoly think of heart attacks. Certainly a bit of a wake up call

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      Ambulance cover is definitely a must here


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      I agree ambulance cover is a must...you just never know what is around the next corner. And better to be safe than sorry.

      The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you can afford the ambulance or not?!!



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