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      Question Which company to go for private medical cover ?

      HI Guys,
      Its time for us to get serious and register for a private medical cover company here in Adelaide. I want to ask the forum generally who they have gone for as their provider.

      We are looking for Family cover for us two and our 20 month old baby.
      I guess we will end up paying around $250 per month for reasonable decent cover ? Any reccomendations of companies ? , and also any to avoid ?

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      medibank/care extras what ever its called.

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      We are with Medibank Private and pay $254 a month for full hospital and extra's package. I have to say that we are quite happy with the cover although haven't used the hospital bit, have used quite a few of the extra's like dentist, naturopath, chiropracter etc. Mutual community are another popular provider and SGIC do some cover too shop around for quotes though and ask about waiving of the waiting period if you sign up! Good luck I do find it's a confusing issue for us Brits and I still don't fully understand gap fees and such like but I'm getting there!
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