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      private medical cover

      further to my last post, who and how many companies offer private medical cover and what is an averge price for private cover?
      thanks again :)

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      here you go people.....here are a few links to private medical insurance for you....

      We are entitled to Medicare as we are on a Permanent Visa and that is what it is.... an entitlement....Private health insurance is as it is in England....if you think you would rather go Private and be seen quicker then get it.....

      We have ambulance cover and the top 'Extras' package with Medibank Private and this covers us for all sorts of extras from Dental and Physio to alternative remidies and optical.
      Good especially as we have 4 boys.

      When you get here just go along to any Medicare office and they will sort out all the paperwork you need and also you'll beable to apply for any family assist and rent assist that you may be entitled to.
      Every little helps!



      Oh and Chilly you can always give us a ring and ask us these questions you know where we are....we dont mind helping....especially with a baby on the way...!! xx

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      You are also entitled to Medicare on any temporary visa including a tourists visa under the reciprocal health care agreement between Oz and the UK so don't think you will not get it if not PR :o

      We just went down to the medicare office with passports in hand and got issued a medicare card which will cover us all for any 'necessary' healthcare even on an SIR495


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      Hi Davy, a mate of mine who is thinking of the big move is also insuline dependent and has paid 600 ish to get his diabetes checked out before he does anything else, application wise , this ment getting a medical done just for his diabetes from a ozzy board doctor, so when he has his final medical this report will go with him and answer all questions. Rather than have to do this at the final hurdle and cause delays.
      Cheers Graham


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