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How do I get insurance to go with my 457 visa as they ask for an australian adress and as of yet we don't have one. we are hoping to come end of July.
I am assuming, as you dont have an Australian address yet, that you are referring to the visa requirement to prove you have insurance at the application stage. My understanding from our recent application process is that you are not able to use the Medicare reciprocity that you are entitled to as a UK citizen.

For our application I simply scanned the policy document of our travel insurance policy provided with our bank account and supplied that. It was obviously sufficient as our visas were issued the following day. ( I had to resend the file as some pages had not scanned adequately)

I would suggest, if you dont already have such a policy, purchase one from somewhere, there are many cheap annual policies available, and send your case officer that.

If, once you are there, you decide to rely on medicare I would certainly consider taking out at least ambulance cover which I believe isnt covered by Medicare. The South Australian Ambulance Service runs their own policy which would cover you nationwide, and from what I recall it is not expensive, far less than one call out.

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