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Hi, I am Michelles friend who had a baby 6 weeks ago on 475. We did not need private insurance for ANYTHING - apart from Ambulance cover just in case though didnt use it. I had full midwifery care in the comunity hospital near my house, consultant appts, tests, scans, then a planned section and didnt pay for any of it. After care is also covered. I emailed Medicare before we landed to make sure and they told me it was all covered as it is medically necessary treatment. Might have scuppered our plans otherwise!! And it was excellent care and much better than our last experince in UK!!
Good luck!!
Today my wife took a test by herself and the good news is that we already have a baby. But we are on 475 visa, no medicare and no private health insurance. We are so worry about the cost. So can you please show me how to register with a community hospital with free charge like you?
Thank a lot