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    Thread: Wisdom teeth

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      i did but mine was in my jaw bone and was quite sore went to colgate centre who then referred me on they were fab on north terrace.

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      My dentist here in adelaide basically said my wisdom teeth could stay where they are for the moment, but will need taking out as soon as one of them starts causing problems (and might as well take both out at once so only have to go through the process once). Shouldn't be more than a couple thousand all up, not sure how much the health insurance will pay, but I'll worry about that when the time comes.
      only have bottom ones, both are completely sideways, one has come through the gum, but doesn't hurt.

      Can't really compare to UK dentist, as erm, it's been ahem, quite a while since I'd been to the dentist.

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      My hubby had to have a root canal filling done in one of his wisdom teeth just after we arrived in Sydney. We found a very good emergency dentist who wouldnt extract it even though my hubby would have preferred that at the time. The total treatment cost $400 including xray. This was much cheaper than our UK dentist charged for a root canal filling I had a while back.

      I would take notice of what your dentist tells you, and if you have doubts seek advice from another dentist. Dont put too much weight on what your UK dentist said.


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