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    Thread: Asthma medicine

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      Pesky Varmit
      Hi all
      Just a few pointers regarding the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme. Not all meds are on the PBS, some are only available privately. They can cost as little as a few dollars or a few thousand in extreme cases. If available on the PBS, the maximum cost is $32.90. If you think you will need a lot of meds apply at a pharmacy for a 'Safety Net' application. When you reach the threshold, the prescriptions will then be reduced to $5.30 A family can all contribute to the one safety net, it dosen't need to be each individual. Just some things to look out for though - private scripts DO NOT count towards the safety net threshold neither do prescriptions dispensed in the '20 day rule' period so do not get your prescriptions dispensed too early.
      Hope this makes things a little clearer.


      Pesky Varmit

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      My daughter is 7, the asthma is mild, but unpredictable, so he had a couple of attacks last year, out of nowhere, that was when the doctor at the hospital said the group would be good for him. I think I am worried that the steroids in the long term is not good for him that he has had since she was 18 months.


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