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      medicals - scary!!

      Hi All

      I just want to share with you all how worried i am. We have our medicals on Wednesday and I am sooooooooooo scared.

      Kids I am sure will be absolutly fine. And Dean is in alrght shape but me on the other hand. I don't exactly take great care of myself. Suffering from a monster hangover right now.

      If anyone would like to share their experiences i would be gratful



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      Quote Originally Posted by deanrm View Post
      We have our medicals on Wednesday and I am sooooooooooo scared.
      Where are you having them done? We had ours done in Sheffield last week. The medicals themselves were fine and nothing to worry about. ;) The travelling and hassle trying to find the places with poor internet directions were something else.


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      We had our meds at Handsworth Wood, Birmingham! To be honest they wernt half as bad as i thought they would be...nurses and doctor were patient and calm and friendly. They wernt as intrusive as some people have mentioned but that is just our experience.

      Dan and Steph
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      We had ours done in september, and believe me, no one was more nervous than me. As it turned out, with good reason, as they have now discovered I have Diabetes. All I will say is, despite all of that, the panel Doc and his staff were absolutely lovely. Calm and patient, and he has since phoned me to let me know when everything was sent and to let me know not to worry and that loads of people with medical problems migrate each year!

      We went to Tudor Medical Practice in Nottingham and saw Dr Henry, he was lovely, and we are beginning to wish we had reigstered with him when we moved to Sherwood as our GP, cos he is much nicer than our current GP!!

      Good luck, and try not to worry too much, I am sure you will be fine!!

      Tracy xx

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      Hi Trish

      We had our meds done back in Sept & I have to say I was nervous as well (we had ours done at the Cromwell Hosp. London) but as said before it was not as bad as you think & I must say I came away feeling good having had a health MOT. The only thing is you find out your shorter & slightly heavier than you thought but the Dr said this wasn't a problem. We were treated very well, so dont worry you will all be fine. And it another hurdle crossed & one step nearer!

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      It's hard not to worry, after all a lot depends on them but I was told unless it's something that prevents you earning your keep, or is likely to deny an Australian a chance of life - such as needing organ transplants you will be fine.
      I got through and I have high blood pressure and am waaaay overweight!!

      I haven't heard of anyone failing a medical!

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      They are really not that bad

      We were really anxious about them, then we were anxious that by being anxious we would raise our blood pressure and fail...and so it goes

      Take a deep breath, you'll be fine. they just check you over to make sure you have nothing major wrong. Your GP can write a letter to the panel doc about anything specific if you are really worried. It's a lot less strenous than you think.

      Last bit of advice, we were told that the medicals and police checks are the last hurdle, you have ticked all other boxes - be pleased you have reached this stage - with any luck you'll be sinking the VB's on the beach soon

      Good luck

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      Please dont worry guys its nothing to worry about. Honestly.

      Hope it all goes smoothly. Ours did and we have two small kids aswell.

      Infact the whole process only took 1 hour (the most painful part was exchanging the 590 at the end of it).

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      Thanks everyone.

      I hope your all right.

      We leave tonight, we are staying in a travelodge as medicals first thing in the morning.

      I will let you know how we get on.

      Thanks again


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      this is all good to read, as this morning i booked my medicals for monday afternoon :)
      i was just glad of them as an excuse to take the afternoon off work, but i was shocked by the price. if anyone had told me already i had forgotten, and was rather gobsmacked when told the price of 220 just for me! makes me realise what an expense it all must be for all you families, i never really thought about it before! however, as everyone says, it just means we're a step closer. and im so glad to be at a point where theres actually something to do rather than just waiting! :o


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