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I'm on a 457 visa, we have Ambulance cover (a must) and we just use our Reciprocal Medicare card. OH recently diagnosed with an illness and she had to visit Doctors, Specialist, blood tests etc and spend time in Hospital. I was expecting massive bills etc but we got most of the costs back through Medicare. Usually pay $65 to see the Doctors, then claim back $35 through Medicare. Also once you see the Doctor about an illness then the next time you visit him for the same illness you don't pay.
At the weekend we looked into getting Visitors cover with extra's (for Dental cover mainly) and they quoted $400 a month and most things we had to wait 12months to claim on, the women advised us to wait until we get PR then the cost goes down to less than $200/month with all the extra's.
April next year we will have been here 2years, so we can apply for PR then.
You've got to look at the cost of $400/month for 12months ($4800) You would have to be seriously ill to warrant that cover. With all the problems that OH has had since November last year we haven't spent more than $400 total on Medical bills.
All this has me well confused my wifew, daughter (4) and I are wanting to get over as soon as poss just the small problem of a house and the rather weak pound still where there's a way and all.

If you have 175 and PR and all that how does that differ from 475 cover? Will I have to pay less? Can anyone give me a rough monthly health care insurance cost including abulance.

Many Thanks in advance

Sorry for being so thick!