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    Thread: Womens and Childrens - spent Christmas there on and off!

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      Womens and Childrens - spent Christmas there on and off!

      Ended up at WCH emergency with our 2YO on Christmas Eve, needed their help rehydrating her after sickness, had a "short stay admission" and they were fantastic. Everyone who we saw wanted to be there, was doing their job with a smile on their face, and the care we received was fantastic...back there again yesterday with same child, and yet again we had fantastic care.

      So I am simply posting this thread to say something nice about WCH. Their Group Practice Midwifery care was fantastic for Little H-Joy, born in June. Homebirth with the hospital support - amazing, and that followed fantastic antenatal care. We've tried out their emergency dept before for illness in little ones, and same again -they have always been great.

      I am not really into doing down the UK, or making comparisons too often but I have thought to myself a few times recently, and again this weekend, that the healthcare we have here as a family is amazing. So grateful for it, and we haven't been let down yet.

      So thanks to all those PIA healthcare workers - when people like you do their jobs with a smile on their faces at "special" times of the year when others would not want to be working- thanks because it meant so much to me this weekend. And to those concerned for how healthcare will work out when you get here - although we have a health insurance policy, we've only so far used it for "extras" - chiro, dentist, etc, and the "free" / Medicare health care we have had through WCH so far has been world class. I think when you've lived in 2 different countries in a lifetime you have an idea of what "world class" means!! I wouldn't choose actually to have a baby with any other provider regardless of insurance etc.
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      I agree...they are fantastic, my youngest went there as an outpatient....brilliant care
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