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      Heatwave warning...just in case you didn't know

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      People seem to have forgotten that heat waves could also attack and all the more cause bigger troubles to those who do not come prepared for it. And when you are up against an even bigger task, it would really be helpful to come prepared so that you do not lose on anything that comes you way.

      A lot of my friends are actually already booked out for summer for the fear of getting a lot of bigger hurdles because of excessive heat.

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      But maybe, 10-15 minutes of heat exposure is fine, right?

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      Quote Originally Posted by clearclouds View Post
      But maybe, 10-15 minutes of heat exposure is fine, right?
      Wear a hat, wear sunscreen, stay out of the sun particularly in the hottest part of the day which is usually about 1400 -1700 or so. Direct sunlight here is unlike anything you've experienced before unless you have been in a desert climate. It pays to be very cautious.

      Ambient heat during summer can be quite distressing until you get acclimatised, last few summers we have been lucky in that they have been reasonable. We had heatwaves for a couple of years that were downright ridiculous nearly made me move to Tasmania!



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