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    Thread: Giving Blood

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      No go as others have said. I was a regular donor of red and white blood ( O neg) in the UK but banned here.
      My drivers license says I can donate organs - so they must be able to flush them???

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      Quote Originally Posted by Diane View Post
      I still don't see why Britain is singled out though - I can't remember offhand if it's Singapore or Hong Kong that imported huge amounts of British beef during the 'danger period' and people who have lived there can still give blood freely! And don't get me started on France and several other European countries who were too cowardly to admit they had detected it in just as large amounts as in Britain....
      It isn't so much about mad cow disease being prevalent, it's about the likelihood of the human form of it being in donors in those countries. There hasn't been a reported human death from the disease in Singapore or Hong Kong. Britain had more deaths in one year from vCJD than France has had in its entire history - the vast majority of vCJD deaths in the world have occurred in Britain. In fact, for more than a decade Britain hasn't used plasma from British donors (it imports it from overseas) and all white blood cells are removed from British donors to reduce any risk.

      Having said that, NZ doesn't allow migrants from France to give blood (if they were there in certain years) and America has barred pretty much all of Europe, so people from those countries probably have more right to feel aggrieved!
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      I must admit, I was pretty disappointed when I found this out, too.
      I was a donor in the UK and hoped to carry on when I got here.

      Oh well, guess I'll just have to leave my bits to science.

      ~ Rach xx


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