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    Thread: Health check with existing conditions

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      Health check with existing conditions

      My family and i are trying to get over on a 457 visa atm, though if that does not work out I expect to be coming over on state sponsored emigration.

      We have a couple of health issues I was unsure if any of these would have effect on emigration.

      I have asthma, its controlled and i can blow around 500 into a peak flow meter.
      My Mrs has arthritis
      My son wears splints a few hours a day to stretch his hamstring and straighten out his walking, he needs new splints every yesr nd just got new ones yesterday, i'd be more than prepared to pay for the fitting and manufacture myself. None of these conditions require constant medical attention.

      Would get a rough idea about this than be let down further down the line.

      Thanks for any advice.

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      Hi there,

      I have asthma, arthritis and double hip replacements and I passed my medical!!!! My husband has high blood pressure too. I think as long as you are honest with them you should be fine.
      We have been here six months now and wouldnt wanna be anywhere else!!!

      Hope all goes well.

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      I have scoliosis (s curved spine) and it is very severe. I am supposed to have spinal fusion surgery which costs an arm and a half for medicare. I only found out recently how bad it was and last year when i had my medicals I was finalised within a week. BTW, so far I refuse to have the surgery as I have no problems, but is going to Sydney tomorrow to receive therapy to stop the progression of it.



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