well do i go for private health care or not, the health care system really is mind boggling here,we have the medicare cards which gives you cheaper medical care and my daughters are enrolled in the school dentist,because we are new the first treatment was free and any treatment needed following that first appointment was free your second appointment is $35 and that covers any treatment needed,while both my girls were fine on the healthy teeth side and dont need to be seen by the school dentist for 2 years, yes 2 years i could not believe it ! but both needed braces and have to go to the orthadontist which is not included in medicare and god knows what ti will cost as one of their friends has just had one fitted on the top teeth and has cost $4000 so far and they think my daughter needs them top and bottom arghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!so i looked into the private health care and for orthadontic treatment there is a 12 month qualifying period and its not cheap, the dentist told me that they all have a 12 month wait on the private health care its less for other medical things.
I have been told that i can go on the waiting list at the dental hospital but this will take more than 4 years,hmmm not quite sure what to do!
ANY BODY GOT ANY ADVICE i would be grateful
cheers hayls