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      Travel Insurance 2 - Help

      We cannot get travel insurance to cover us for our outward journey.

      We are breaking our journey by going to the US for a few days and the big insurers will not cover us as we will not be returning to the UK. Even a broker could not get us a policy.

      Even without a few days stopover there must be a policy that you can get in case you fall ill en route.

      This is a plea to all of you fine people that have gone out already to ask how you got cover for your trip.

      Thanks in advance

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      try looking at backpackers insurance.
      Thats what we went for seemed to tick all the boxes for us.

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      I rang a broker recommended by my travel agent.
      John Morgan

      Tel: 01202 484141

      They work in Bournemouth but I didn't have to visit them, they just posted me the paperwork.
      We got one way insurance for 2 for 37 and it covered my pregnancy up to 24 weeks which is great for us.
      They might be able to help you,
      Good luck,

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      Thanks for this guys. Knew I could rely on PIA

      A well travelled friend recommended Atlas Direct. I phoned them and they were surprised I had a problem getting insurance. I think they specialise in backpackers trips as Morgie@51 recommended.

      All sorted now (i hope).

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      Go walkabout will be able to sort you out.


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