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      private health cover,

      Just wanted to get a few opinions on Private health cover, we have been told medibank is quite good, and have been looking at the website.. just wanted to see if anyone had any recomendations regarding other companies..
      We want a reasonable level of cover, but at a reasonable price..
      How much is everyone else paying for the cover ?? i understand depends on age and things and cover just wanted to get an idea..
      thanks in advance
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      We use mutual community, it had a good plan when we joined with them and good cheap basic options. For family cover we payabout $100 a month, although this has just gone up because my 18 yr old is not a student any more and I wanted to keep him covered. Mutual Community do this until your child is 21 or upto 26 if studying.
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      There are various companies which offer Hospital cover only or hospital cover plus extras - these extras vary depending on how much you want to pay. You can also pay excess if you want.

      Suggest you go into,for example, medibank.com.au to see what they offer and get a quote on line.

      Other companies: hba.com.au, nib.com.au

      Note you will get a 30% government rebate on your premiums and there can also be medicare levy advantages if you take it out

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      Those of you over 30 thinking of getting insurance make sure you do it in your first year because you will be treated as a 30 year old for your premium calculation no matter what your actual age is, from the age of 31 premiums start to climb and if you wait past 12 months they will calculate on your actual age,


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      Weve signed up with mutual community, on their basics to start with. Covers dentist, physio etc, and ambulance cover. $40 pm
      As i have an 'exsisting condition' i cannot get any money back on physio appointments for 2 months and anything major for 12 months.
      I dont envisage* needing anything on the knee for a good few years yet so just wanted to get a plan started to get the 2/12 mths out of the way asap.
      *(Fingers crossed)

      Theres lots of plans and options available, just tailor it to your needs.


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