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      Smile Health insurance and medication

      Hi Everyone:)

      Everyone was really helpful in offering advice on my thread Epilepsy and medication etc. I have since been in touch with the Epilepsy Ass in oz who have kindly informed me that the medication i am on is going to cost me $200 a month, Ouch!
      Tom is also on some medication which he will probably have to pay for daren't even go there. As we are only going on temp visa we are having to pay full wack. The Epilepsy Ass told me there maybe some kind of health insurance package, or health cover which incorporates medication in some way. Some of them reinburse you some of the perscription charge some up to $50.

      They have told me to shop around which i will do, but before starting the huge search i wondered if any of you guys have heard of this or know of any companies that offer this kind of thing? As you can imagine this is going to be a huge expense because we will obviously need health insurance so any advice as to how we could cut this cost down either for myself or Tom would be great. Tom is on mainly pain killers Tramadol and Paracetamol.
      Thanks Jo and Tom

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      You could ask your GP for a 3 month prescription before you leave. This will help for a short while.

      The GP can give you up to 3 months medication but once your leave England he wil need to remove your name from the practice.

      However, you could explain the sitution you are in and ask him for a private prescription. Or if you are lucky he may do a few private prescriptions which mean you would have enough medication for a long time.

      You have to pay for the private prescription but I think its about 5.00 per item but I may be wrong.


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