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      Help - Prescription Assistance?

      My parents are looking into moving to Adelaide. My dad had a heart attack a few years back and is on medication for life, he also is on medication for life for a hiatus hernia which isn't life threatening but can't be operated on. In the uk he can pay a yearly fee of 100 and then not have to worry about prescriptions as that coveres them all for the year. Is there anything like that in Adelaide as my parents are retired and worried about how much his prescriptions would cost them each month.
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      As far as im aware there isn't a similar scheme here in Aus for prescriptions, However there is a safety net, once that has been reached prescription charges go down to around $5 per item, but i think it is only available to pensioners, not sure your dad would qualify, have a look on http://www.medicareaustralia.gov.au/.../msn/index.jsp
      Hope that helps a little
      Good luck

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      Thanks Maria, I'll take a look at that link. It's really appreciated as we've all been worrying about the money side of things.


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