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      I think we find that eveywhere. I have found a similar thing here - I choose my friends very carefully.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Lisado View Post
      I think we find that eveywhere. I have found a similar thing here - I choose my friends very carefully.
      Oh I totally agree with you, it happens the world over, I`m usually a good judge of character, we all have mad moments in life


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      Hey I have been there, both here in Oz (where there were relatives but they didn't really help only under sufferance both sets of grandparents had immigrated here and felt that they had no help and managed and so could we) and overseas in India and the US. Its true your new friends will become your new family and at times a more understanding and caring family really. My rule of thumb just be careful, if you move to a new city and someone has lived here their whole life and you are their very best friend (and for that matter only friend) beware, god have I been caught also.

      Anyway I digress, seems to me that with the number of posters here and many it appears living in areas close to one another that maybe it may be a good business for someone to start up a business giving emergency day care. I have shared nannies also in the past, has worked for me, and there should be strict ground rules. There are also people who are desperate to earn a little extra cash but don't want to work full time. I have also had a granny who was missing her grandchildren help out for a couple of years, it gave her a little bit of pin money, the kids a rent a granny and someone to go to grandparent day at school (which seems like a good idea but that was a hard day, having been there myself at both ends of the spectrum I wish they hadn't started those days).

      All the best, keep your chin up, it will be worth it. Strange thing is that my kids became the closest grandchildren to both sets of grandies because they did live overseas and when we came to visit them and they came to visit us it was for longer periods of time and more concentrated quality time. They all have just amazing relationships and discuss everything with one another. It is not easy these days being a working mum (and dad) a bit different to the days when mum's stayed at home, and one day if we get to meet I will tell you about how women were made to leave work here right up until the late 60s early 70s when they got married.

      You'll be fine, and you will get a lot of support from this group when feeling a bit down.



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