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      Has anyone failed medical?

      Just wondered out of curiosity, has anyone failed their medical? As our medicals are the next process just wondred what happened if main applicant fails or if anyone going with main applicant fails, is that it? Would that mean you have to stay here?.....god forbid!!!! We also found out that the validation time starts when you have meds not when you get visa, which is why they try and leave it until last. I didn't realise that.

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      You have your medicals and this might identify a problem or conditon that would need further investigation.

      If this is so than they will ask for an additional report/tests.
      Within this area the visa people are looking for the individual to be able to be able to work and look after themselves.

      If there is a possiblity that this is not likely than you may be refused the visa. If the main applicant gets the visa refused than the rest of the family will not be allowed to go.

      You can appeal a refusal but it is a long process


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