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    Thread: Mobile broadband for 12 months?

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      Mobile broadband for 12 months?


      We're moving to Adelaide for just 12 months and were planning to use 3's mobile broadband with 3 Like Home. We've just bought it and signed up for 24 months only to find that they're about to stop this service in June. We're now wondering what our options are for mobile internet access. We don't want to sign up to anything for 24 months and don't want a landline (assuming all landline contracts are also a minimum of 24 months). Does anyone have any recommendations?


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      Depending on location, you might get great service with mobile broadband or you might just get bugger all.

      Have a look at some of the more adaptable ADSL providers, like Adam, Internode etc - you can sign up with them on a monthly contract but you will need to pay a connection charge ($129 for Internode)

      As long as the rental has a physical telecoms connection (i.e. a copper line going to the house) you can pick one of the Naked (data only) packages that don't come with a landline phone connection.

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      Hi we have mobile broadband on 3 with 12 month contract pay $39 per month & have had no problems with it if you know where you are going to be staying you can go onto 3's website & look up the coverage we stayed in Christies Beach & now in Seaford & always have connection & if i take it out n about i havent really found any problem areas you can go into shop once here & they sort it all for you good luck Tess
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