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      Mobile broadband pay as you go

      Hi all,

      Coming in June and I have 2 dongles -for o2 and 3 - can I get a mobile broadband pay as you go simcard and who is best bet to buy from? Mainly for internet browsing and Skype, not downloading.


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      Hiya, I'll be quite interested to see what help you get here. We also have 2, 3 dongles, we were told when we got them that 3 is in oz and we would be able to convert them. But now we are told they have merged with vodaphone and cant do it anymore.

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      i use 3 mobile here. bought here. i was told that its the same as orange in the UK. Unless things have changed you ave to buy the whole thing, not just a sim..... but bring the dongles, if you damage a bought item it will cost to repair.

      The mobile here is best not to use in other states, you get charged a fortune. so keep it where you buy it.

      I am sure others will add to this post

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      We have a dongle which works OK in Gawler - took this out with Optus when we were here. I think it depends on where you are as to which provider works best for you although others may disagree..I also had a mobile phone with 3 which i brought over with me and was assured it would work BUT IT DIDNT!! It meant that our Aussie friends had to go through the English exchange in order to speak to us in the same country ..needless to say that we sent it back to UK and bought over here. Also the guy in the 3 shop in the city said 3 here had different criteria and packages to those in the UK.

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      I came, bought a 3 dongle and PAYG package, and it has cost a bucketload of money, mainly because of the price of the dongle - get your dongle unlocked and the prices are roughly equivalent to the UK, particularly if you buy the 12gb pack from 3. But beware if you want internet in the hills: none of the popular providers work apart from Telstra - everyone else piggy backs, although Vodafone say they will have transmitters up in August 09.

      Key learn is unlock your dongle in the UK before you come (one of the 50 zillion things I never had time for before I left......)

      Phones unlocked before we left the UK and they work fine - we have several simcards: Vodafone UK ones as they have a deal on at the mo 100mins calltime to the UK for a tenner a month (on a mobile!!), OPTUS for business here, 02 for my wife etc etc etc.........

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