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      Dave & Carole

      Question Shipping insurance - help!!

      Trying to decide how to insure our stuff for shipping. Read many reviews about how good Letton Percival are when taking out insurance BUT has anyone been unlucky and made a claim?

      Any info/advice please...

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      Hi, I need advice also.

      How much does a container cost and insurance to ship our belongings across?

      Do we take everything or just pick out the personal stuff, such as pictures, laptops, et?

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      We are shipping late June: a 20 foot container holds 1000 cubic feet, and a 40 foot container 2000 cubic feet - prices are around 10% down on last year at the moment.

      As a guide, 15-1600 cubic feet will move a larger house and cost you about 5kish plus insurance. A 20 foot container will be around 2500 - 3k plus insurance. Get at least 4 quotes and play them off.

      Insurance more expensive with shippers than specialists. Check the small print though...do they cover door to door or just marine? Who covers what?

      We are not shipping everything: about 2 bedrooms worth and a fair amount of niknaks and a suite. All electronics and a load of dive gear!

      We are leaving behind a third and fourth bedrooms worth, a lot of kids toys, anything we won't use BUT have bought a few bits: bikes, new PCs, jeans and bras!!

      Will let you know how it all goes - went with Anglo in the end......


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      Thank you for that. Sorry not replied before but been busy. Really helpful info and will take it on board.

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      Hi Yes we used Letton & Percival going to adelaide then returning to the UK, we had a number of items damaged when shipped back to the UK, had no probs with claim!plus theyre very cheap for insurance!


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      Red face

      Thank you for that.
      Did wondered what the price would be and how much to take.
      I think we'll take the majority, as it will seem to cost more to replace .

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      Take everything that you would use here, as you will no doubt use over there also, I hate shopping hence why we shipped everything, plus, the like of furniture I find expensive over there, ikea is brill though! Im just clearing my junk now so that when we return we have less to shipp and can hopefully have a shared container!

      Good luck with your move

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      Letton and Percival insurance around 1.6% of total insured.


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