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    Thread: Are the central markets really that good?

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      nurse sue

      Are the central markets really that good?

      hi all,
      Im still in the uk, and was reading last months aus & nz mag article about aus markets - it gave adelaides central markets a really good write up, but just wondered how many of you shopped there? is it all its cracked up to be, or is it just a tourist thing with tourist prices?
      Is there really a huge range of foodstuff available? is it expensive compared to supermarkets?
      Or does anyone have any recommendations for alternative fresh, local and reasonable price fruit and veg?
      when we were in adelaide in 2007, we didnt get to look round the markets - on a 2 week holiday you dont really want to spend time doing something you do at home ...
      Sue x

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      Central market is one of those places that is considered trendy, but nobody who looks at it objectively can really work out why.

      It's a grotty, dirty, dingy old place that stinks of rotten vegetables. A lot like most other indoor markets in the world.

      It also only has very limited opening hours, plus parking is not very easy and you have to pay for parking.

      I'd much rather pay a bit more and buy from a supermarket or specialty fruit and veg shop. At least they're clean, modern and fresh!

      However my guess is that the reasons why some people do shop there are
      - it's convenient if you work in Adelaide CBD (which the vast majority of people in Adelaide do not, but there's a lot who do)
      - There's a much bigger range of fresh produce than you'd find in a supermarket or specialty shop, so it's particularly good if you're looking for unusual fruit or vegetables.
      - It is no doubt a lot cheaper than supermarkets or specialty shops (although when you take parking into account it may not be)
      - The produce is a lot fresher, which admittedly is a very good thing. Not enough to make me want to go there though.

      I suppose you either like markets or you don't. If you do like markets, maybe it's worth a look.
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      Been here 30 years, only been to the markets twice, dirty filthy place full of people carrying bags of poor quality fruit and veg thinking they have a bargin, the place smells and I would steer clear of it except for your one and only look for conformation
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      Can't believe the post above by Pushbutton! I love the Central Market. Don't find it smelly at all as the stallholders are really good about clearing up any waste and rubbish - best of all, there is no smell of fried food like you get at so many indoor markets in the UK and elsewhere. You can work your way round the place, tasting and trying, and there are great little places to eat and drink dotted around the outside. Not only are the fruit and vegetables way cheaper than in the supermarkets, but there are also great stalls selling cheeses, meats, breads, flowers, nuts - all a lot cheaper than you get in the shops....I have stopped buying cheese in supermarkets as it's so much cheaper in the market - $8.99 for a camembert in Coles, $4 maximum in the market for instance. There are speciality stalls selling asian, organic, coffee, french cheeses, Barossa produce, cakes, yoghurt and chocolates.... It's one of my favourite places to shop, and also has one of the cheapest multistorey car parks, with loads of space - I've never, ever had trouble parking there and it costs something like $2.50 for two hours - which in the centre of a city is extremely reasonable! If you go on a Friday night, there's a great atmosphere with live music and buskers, and there are loads of good eateries and drinking spots along Gouger Street which runs alongside. I don't get to go there as often as I'd like (too lazy really - although it's only 20 minutes drive away from us) - but whenever I do go, I ask myself why I don't go much more!

      Pushbutton must not have found the same market I have! In my opinion, it's one of the best things in Adelaide!

      As for you Marty - two times in 30 years - I think you need to try it again as it's obviously changed since you were last there! The only thing I've ever noticed smelling there is the wonderful flower stall...
      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      Ok I'll try it tomorrow and report back
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      Very over rated in my opinion !! Plenty of fresh produce available at all the regular supermarkets without the touristy feel and the long journey home from the city.
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      nurse sue
      Ah, excellent replies! thank you!!

      be interested to hear what you think marty :)


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      Quote Originally Posted by Diane View Post
      car parks, with loads of space - I've never, ever had trouble parking there and it costs something like $2.50 for two hours -
      Is the parking not free if you have bought things in the market? The once I was there one of the stall holders told us it was but we hadn't parked there

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      Great to get the lebanese bread fresh and warm for $1.60 instead of $4 something from Coles.
      Also great atmosphere, but its best to go for just a wander and to buy a few things as its too busy if you need to do loads.
      Brickworks market is good value, also the sunday farmers market at the show ground, and there are also loads of fruit and veg shops, and there are 2 fruit and veg stalls on Marion road at weekends.
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      When we were on our recce we went and I thought it was okay but not worth all the attention it gets in brochures etc (one market being pretty much like any other market to me). Since we've lived here, though, it's grown on me a bit and while we don't shop there too often, I do like a wander around it now and then.

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