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    Thread: Potato Waffles ?

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      Question Potato Waffles ?

      HI Guys,
      Question, can we get potato waffles over here ? We've seen hash browns and other birds eye and similar potato products, but just cannot see potato waffles anywhere. Or is this something that is simply not eaten here ?


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      No...i havent seen them either, and have been here 4 years!! My kids used to love them in the UK
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      Lee and Claire
      That's all my son used to eat and was asking about them the other day but haven't seen them anywhere! Let me know if you come across any. :)
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      thanks guys - that settles it then.. :-)

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      We've had them here, so you do get them....just have to remember where I got them from now....must've been woolies or coles though. I'm just away down to the shops so I'll let you know. Cheers x

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      You could try making them perhaps...I have made hash browns before. Far too much effort grating all that potato. Waffles would be made from mash I presume...messy!

      Can you get marmite over there?

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      Yes, you can get marmite in coles in their british section. I looked when I was at the shops yesterday but can't see the waffles now...but we've defo had them here, so just keep your eyes peeled. xx
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      Brilliant! thanks for that...was thinking I would have to ship it across in case loads ;)


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