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      Bigpond Wireless internet

      Due to the area we live we have had to get Telstras Bigpond wireless 72. mobile card.

      Do any of you techno freaks out there know if or how we can link 2 computers next to each other on the same desk to the internet please ?

      The card is registered on a Mac and we want to be able to use a windows latop with it also, but not to have to keep un plugging it all the time ?

      Can the 2 computers be connected together by a usb or something ???

      please help



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      Hi Lyn,

      I know very little about Macs, However, on a windows machine you can set it to be the internet gateway, you would then need to connect the machines using a network hub (switch) (Not USB), something like a small 4 to 5 port hub would do. You would also need 2 network cables.

      This will work assuming the Mac software can be set as a gateway, someone with Mac knowledge may be able to help on that side.

      hmmm, not sure i'm a freak though ;)


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      Thanks for your erply, i sort of hva it my mind that the computers must be networked, I will try it when i have a clear head and time !! thnaks very much for your input !!


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