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      I reckon that this summer has been very bad for flies here.I suppose it is because of the drought.They have been very annoying over this last few weeks.

      Even though we have flyscreens on all doors and windows the little suckers get in.

      A necessary accessory on you coffee table is a fly swatter.We are getting our reaction times waaaayyy down now.
      Something very satisfying about swatting a fly here.It's becoming quite competitive.

      :lol: :lol:

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      Ivan Russell
      Hi..second time I have entered this site so please bear (bare?) with me....I came here to Adelaide from England some 40 odd years ago and have worked outside in gardens, sheds, and garages. I have spent a short period in the bush as a professional shooter. Also, have repaired 100's of semi-trailers that have travelled Australia extensively. Along with this I have, in my younger years, hitch-hiked around Australia 3 times,,,,,,,,My point is, I have never been bitten by a spider. If you have a fear of spiders, then that's what you've got. Best deal with it as we have them ranging in size from teensy weensy money spiders to bird eaters (found only in the country). I hope this has been of help.....Feel free to ask more questions, I will try to keep the answers a little shorter.

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      I find the lack of spiders, blue tongues, snakes etc, a bit disapointing

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      Hi everyone,

      Anyone got any pics they have taken of Australian spiders? We're really curious about Huntsman spiders as they sound enormous and really, really gross!

      What do you do about young children playing in the garden with redbacks around. We have an 18 month old toddler who is extremely curious about new things .................. I suppose it gets drummed into children in Australia from a very early age not to touch certain things and they learn (hopefully!)

      Sarah and John

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      Ivan Russell
      the best way to stop kids from meeting up with redbacks in your garden is to not have places for the spiders to live in the first place......They like to live under and in between stuff, like sheets of corrugated iron, bits of wood, flower pots and under outdoor garden settings etc........

      good luck......Ivan


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