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      Need advice on where to buy beds

      Hi everyone,

      Not long till we get there.

      On the day we arrive we pick up the keys for rental at 3pm but don't have any beds, can anyone recommend somewhere to buy beds. Ideally would like to buy them now and get them delivered on the afternoon we arrive or the day after.

      Has anyone had any experiences like this or should we just resort to sleeping bags etc. for a few days?

      Janine (28), Darren (29), Connor (8) and Melody (5).
      Arriving 7th september!!!!:)

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      hi, we got beds from a shop on anzac highway called le cornu (they also do every thing for the home),and they have a contract firm in store who does deliverys . we bought beds at 10 am they were delivered by 1.30.but take cash if you can as you can knock there prices down, hope this helps jay

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      We bought some beds from Fantastic Furniture at Munno Para which is only about 10 mins from where you are renting. We took them with us there and then.
      We have a blow up is you need it till you get sorted though


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