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    Thread: Puratap

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      Quote Originally Posted by Lulujim View Post
      Just wondering if the water comes out cold/chilled or normal temperature? Thank you!

      It comes out at normal temperature, so the trick of course is stock up on plastic bottles and then keep them in the fridge after refilling from the Puratap.

      A Godsend in the summer and can save a lot of money in the long run.
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      Now I wont bore everyone on this subject, but basically the filters from puratap filter water at 0.45 micron which is the smallest you can get and filters out pretty much everything. The smallest filters that you can get from bunnings is 0.5 micron and this makes a big difference in the amount of chemicals that can then get through the filters.

      The filter changes for Pura tap are $69 per year and a free service with it as well. Its a relatively small price to pay for filtered water. Works out at $1.28 (or something like that) a week - cheaper than buying bottled water.

      Oh and no it doesnt come out chilled.

      Good value though i think
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      Quote Originally Posted by churchj1 View Post
      Hi there, we have just had a filterite tap fitted which cost us $220 for a designer tap, filter and installation. The filter needs replacing every 12 months and costs $75 for their plumber to come and do it and check the system is still functioning.
      wow $75 for a filter change? puratap is only $69, plus they have the 2 cartridge unit which has the two filters, im pretty sure most other filters only have the one filter cartridge that needs to be changed every 6 months.

      I got one of those deigner taps that puratap make the other day, they're so pretty!


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