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    Thread: I need to phone UK bank asap!

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      I need to phone UK bank asap!

      I need to phone my Uk bank, just found out today my card is being used online, and not by me!
      I have the phone number, it starts with +44 what do I need to dial?

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      ring 001144 then the number on the back of your card that is to report it stolen.
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      Guys - what bad bad bad news!!

      Just wanted to say - hope it all gets sorted out quickly

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      Just to say, I managed to contact bank, had to wait till 4.30pm, they went through transactions I have not done, cancelled my card and will send a new one, and put money back in my account.
      This has previously happened when we were in the UK on our other bank account, only this bank were a bit more on the ball and called me to say a transaction was a bit strange and had we done it. So the card was cancelled, only a bit awkward as my husband was working away at the time, so he couldnt use it!
      Just make sure you check accounts often, they had also used it for o2 prepay payments which I also used in the UK so it could easily go unnoticed on a statement. Then once they realise they have got away with that and they know card works they take larger amounts!


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