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      Rachel & Jeff

      It is just PSS removals and easy to find through google.
      We have friends moving to Perth who have used them and were certainly very happy with the service this end. They also said they were relatively cheap so I also plan to get a quote from them.


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      We are shipping our stuff 6 weeks before we go, it's a shared container so could take up to 12 weeks ( hopefully not longer!) We will be moving into an empty house with only the stuff we can cram into a suitcase so we wanted to send it in plenty of time. I guess if you were planning on staying with family/friends or going into a short term furnished rental for a while you could leave it till nearer the time you go.


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      PSS shipping

      I have seen that PSS shipping normally have a advertisment at the top of these pages.
      i think it is also a direct link to thier website so look out for it.

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      PSS website plus more on here - http://www.adelaidebound.com/migrating.htm


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      when it becomes my turn to pack up and ship things over to adelaide i wont have very much to ship. so i am thinking of sharing a container.
      what i would like to know is, is there anything you should ask for or about when calling the shipping companies. i.e insurance, price, extra packaging, what is allowed and what's not.
      i just want to be prepared when i call them for quotes. all tips and advice welcomed;)

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      Hi Paul

      I have just today got a quote and booked PSS removals, they quoted me round the 1000 mark for 200 cubic foot which i think equates to roughly half a container, if you use less they will adjust the invoice to only the space you have used. All other hidden costs, as i found out today is just the insurance and then you have to pay round about AU$150-200 for quaratine once in Aus.

      Hope that helps some?!?


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      When we had shippers in I put together a questions sheet of things to ask the shippers. You can find it about 3/4 of the way down the page (shipping questions download) - http://www.adelaidebound.com/migrating.htm

      Hope it is of some use


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      Yes thanks that helped, it is good to know these things. just one more question, why did your goods need quarantine in OZ? or is that the waiting period untill you needed them delivered to your new address?
      thanks again

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      Hi all

      Just on the subject of shipping, do any of you know if they reduce the costs if you pack yourselves? Is this allowed??
      The reason I ask is that as some of you will know Steve is in the Royal Marines and we move every couple of years and as we usaully have to move out of one house one day
      and move into the new one the next day, we have always done the packing ourselves and they removal guys just rock up and load it all into the van and drive off to our new gaff!! (Record so far for loading a big 3 bedroom house and garage worth full of stuff is 3.5hrs! That was Brittania based in Dundee!!!)

      So our plan, as we are such expert packers, is to get it all packed ourselves as usual and then just the removal guys to load it onto the container. As we will have to have our Marchout inspection we are hoping to get the stuff packed and gone and get our Marchout on the same day as per normal.

      When we were talking about it we werent too sure if they removal companies will happy for this to happen as we didnt know what happened with the manifest for each box and where the liability would lie if any of it was wrong. It also may save us a bit on the shipping costs as well. (Every little helps!!!)

      If anyone could shed any light on this we would be grateful.

      Thanks ever so

      Vicki x

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      As of today i wouldn't recommend Bishops Move, for the second time in a week they blew us out, and that's just getting a quote.
      Wife made another appointment but i was so angry i rang them and told 'em to stick it. If they can't get there act together over a quote how could i trust them to ship all my gear half way round the world.

      On a positive note Britannia were excellent, very professional and trustworthy. Just hope their quote is competative.
      Paul, Sam, Elliott and Lily
      Living in Woodcroft


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