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      We will be over sometime before Xmas. We have gotten a couple of shipping quotes, but are there any shipping companies anyonw would reccommend?


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      Hi Claire,

      Well we haven't had the full service yet but I'll be glad to let you know in a couple of weeks when the UK end has happened.


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      We have decided too go with PSS as they were the most reasonable, and the cheapest for when the container arrives in Adelaide!!

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      We too went with PSS. The 2 men that came to pack us up from the Uk were excellent - and made us feel very reassured about all our wordly goods being shipped the other side of the world. They were happy being supplied cups of tea for 2 whole days and the occasional bacon buttie ;)!

      Were excellent when they arrived here in Oz too, only a few items broken and the insurance was sorted out very quickly and cheque for reimbursement came within the week.

      Would highly recommend.


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      Hi folks, May I just ask - is PSS the full name of the shippers? Also where are they based?


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      We went with Allied Pickfords (after getting about 7 companies in for quotes )

      They dropped 800 off their price to match a lower one, dropped 1% off their insurance price to ensure we used them ;), have offices in UK and Adelaide plus do their own insurance so no 3rd parties to deal with. Were a great team both ends. worked hard and lots of fun :D


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      We had quite a bad experience with Anglo Pacific....they were excellent in England when selling us the whole deal and the team that packed our stuff were fantastic....however they didnt pack things well and we found that they had packed items such as Pillows and cushions in their very own box...and it is cubic footage that you pay for so this bumped up the price...they did knock a bit off for us due to this though so cant really fault them there..

      But....When we got our delivery in December last year 1 wk before xmas..this is from August...4 months later!!...they apparently counted all the boxes into the house.......but still had boxes missing and another customer phoned them with our box!! Nice eh? Well we still have items missing...and are yet to get a straight answer out of anyone as to there location and what has happened to them. We have claimed on the insurance for most of the missing items but because some were not listed on the itinery they wouldn't pay us...This box was the "BITS BOX" who itemisies this box....most of the time you dont even know what has gone in it...tv remotes, lead, etc?!!

      Anyway ...thought I should share the bad aswell as the good just so that it can give others an oppotunity of what to look out for.

      Enjoy! Traci

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      My ship docks on 24th August!!!!

      I've used Robinsons and their contact here is Wridgways who makes the final delivery.

      I'll let you know how I get on!!!

      J x

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      So does anyone know the full name for his PPS company and where they rae based?

      Also, how long before you fly do you ship, or do you leave till you have already flown or what?


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      I mean PSS


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