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      Hello all

      Does anyone know if the Dvd's brought here in the Uk work on Australian DVD players? I know you get like different regional areas and have heard that all regions can play on a milti-regional dvd player?!?

      Can anyone help?

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      If you are shipping yur stuff take a dvd player and then you will definatly be able to play them all even if they dont work on the au ones

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      You would need to buy a multi regional DVD player and then all would work no problems


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      Hi there
      Don't stress too much about which DVDs work on which player - as in the UK, DVD players here are very reasonably priced. Bring your UK one and if Aussie DVDs don't work, you can decode them so they will.

      We brought our UK TVs with us and have purchased since being here a DVD/video player and decoded it, so we can use the TV and pick up all 4 channels here (through the video channel) and play our UK DVDs (copies too) and our Aussie brought DVDs too. In time we will upgrade our TVs with flat screen, but had room in the container to bring them all - so why buy new when you can save your money for something else, was our motto.

      Good luck


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