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      Would anyone know if it is worth taking over bedding such as Duvets? Is the sizing of bedding in Oz the same as the UK?

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      Worth bringing you're bedding and everything else for that matter,

      Bed sizing in Oz is as follows ;

      UK double= Oz double

      Uk king = Oz queen

      Uk super king = Oz king

      Good luck


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      thanks for that. Would you know if bedding is cheap over there? A king size bed set here costs about 15.


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      Hi Claire
      As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. King size sets are available here from Designer Direct from about $20 which is much cheaper than the UK and the quality is good. All the major stores sell sets too and the prices vary.

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      Just a tip for you.....I really struggled finding good quality single duvet (dooner) covers here at the mall (marion and colannades)
      They have loads for kids and teenagers but not for adults (ie the spare bedroom).
      Judi x

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      We bought over 2 x super king uk size goose duvets and were soooooo pleased when they arrived lovely and warm on those cold nights . We went to woolies and got some of those vacuum pack bag thingies which worked a treat and shoved them in the container. The size is minutely different to those here but nothing major to worry about and the bedding will still fit ok


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      Was just on ebay looking for prices on the super king duvet sets, looking at about 33 each (40 incl the postage), so def sounds like a good idea to maybe buy the actual duvets here and ship them over? and then buy the bedding over there?

      What would one do if one didn't have a forum like this to ask questions and advice? One would have to phone the DIMI up and ask them...lol...now i sound just like her majesty

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      When we moved over, we decided to only ship over a few boxes of personal items photos etc. and buy new in our new country. My oh my how I wish we had brought over our bedding. Such a simple thing is causing such a nightmare. The duvets themselves are fine but so far we are on our ninth! yes ninth load of covers in a year. In UK they lasted for ages but here after a couple of washes and they are falling apart and fraying at the seams (the cheapest set we bought was $120.00) Got some friends who are also finding the sets themselves a problem.
      Good luck with your move

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      ralph n bev
      Quote Originally Posted by sa2uk2oz View Post
      thanks for that. Would you know if bedding is cheap over there? A king size bed set here costs about 15.

      Depends what type I think,
      I like the cotton Percale type , it washes well and doesnt go bitty, hardly needs ironing!!
      You pay about 19.99 for a single set in that. I Know im taking my fave type out with us in the container, and spare sets ( all bought in the sales) we will then decorate the rooms round which ever bedding we have!!
      My friend tells me that duvets are the same price out there, fibre bieng cheap and the feather expensive just as here.

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      Duvet sets are expensive here for the same quality as you get for less in the UK. I bought the cheapest Asda brand fitted sheets and they are still good. Also bought some sets before we came, glad I did. Went to designer direct and thought their cheap ones were designer direct from the 70s. There was an advert here last year that said "we have had containersin from Europe and are letting them go cheap" Not surprising when you saw them.


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