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      Any advice on little critters from anyone already in Oz?

      Hi Guys and Gals
      Can anyone already here please help? We have recently moved into another rental property as our year finished on our previous and we wanted to try a new area. Our last place didn't have carpets. Over the the time we have been here in the new house I have noticed these little different coloured tiny ladybirds without wings! Well it turns out that they're not they are carpet beetles which like carpets, rugs and clothes!!!!! Pest control want an arm and a leg and will only do whole house for all pests. Landlord said they not interested in helping. I've looked at websites and can only see to get rid of them by taking portable objects outside in sun for two hours or put in freezer! Got Mortein indoor and outdoor down already but can't see anything regarding carpet beetles. i know I'm probably being fussy but not comfortable knowing what they are now. Im hoping someone out there has got some advice! When we finally do buy I'm not having carpets!!!!!!

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      I've heard of the term "bombing" your house. From what I gather, you can buy pest control devices in Bunnings and set the chemical off in your house. It kills every little bug/spider/ant in there. I should think you have to stay out of you house and leave windows open though for a while.
      I'm sure someone will be able to help.........as maybe I've just dreamed this?

      J x

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      Thank you for your prompt answer! I'm going to pop down to Bunnings now I'm so desperate to get rid of them! I know I'm being silly but they're getting to me badly. Crazy eh? Only because I've never heard of them before. Plenty of bugs in UK it's just we're brought up knowing what they are! So no different really. Thank you again
      Cathy :-)

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      The bombs are supposed to be good and Baygone for crawling insects seems to stop just about anything in its tracks too ;)


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      Just to say another thank you - can't believe I've been here over a year now and not heard about them - didn't seem to need them at Unley. Since buying them was in Woolworths yesterday and a woman shouted to a shop assistant - hey mate where's the Mortein bombs aisle! They were really good. You set them off - leave the house for two hours minimum, come home open the windows to air the place - and it's surprising the number of bodies to hoover up! Not only did it get the horrid little beetles but spiders and ants I didn't even know were living in our house! Seems it lasts for two months and seem to be no side effects! Brilliant advice guys and another thing learnt!


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