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    Thread: Red back spider

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      Red back spider

      Well this morning we found our frst red back spider... he (or she) had been happily living in a corner and we were living in harmony until we noticed the red spot... so now it is an ex red back spider. After a few photos of course!

      My question is, and this may sound really dumb, do they live in family groups?! Now we've had one, should we expect mum, dad, kids, husband (or wife) to put in an appearance too? I've searched the other threads with various photos and videos, I just can't see the answer to this though....

      All of the outside of the house is sprayed with Mortein Outdoor Spider Control spray (and will be again by the end of the day...) and this is actually the frst spider we've had of any description inside or out. I am just SOOOO glad I was not on my own when I spotted the red back...dealing with it did make Alan miss his bus though, oops!


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      cornish Busdriver
      Its only a red back, just flick the little buggers out the way.
      You get used to them, trick is to keep a huntsman running round the house then no more nasty little spiders.
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      We dispose of all redbacks and white tips..but happily welcome any Huntsman into our humble abode....

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      Red-backs are typical aussie's, very laid back :)
      We've had a few encounters in the house and garage. They're really easy to get rid of and don't seem to give up much of a fight. A different story with your wolf and huntsman spiders. They can move and take a bit of spraying (or splatting) to see them off.
      We have a dress code in our house - if it has more than 4 legs, it's not allowed in (I advised some ants of that last night)
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      When we went to a widlife santuary, they were giving info out on the redback. The redback is actually female. The male redbacks have no red on them, they are just pure black. We were told that whilst the male will still bite, it isn't poisonous, unlike it's female companion. I wouldn't risk being bitten by a male though, just incase!


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