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      Quite right Diane, zoning seems mostly for high school, however, 2 out of the 3 primaries I looked at were zoned (although they were open to exceptions!)

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      Try Henley Beach.

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      We had to show our rental agreement to get the kids into Grange primary.

      They are very strict on their zone now but we know loads of people who got their children in the school in the past by using friends and relatives addresses.
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      Primary schools tend to only enforce their zone when they are in danger of reaching capacity. They know expected enrolments from local children attending kindies a year ahead, so if they need to ensure there are enough places for the locals. If there are places still available, then offers go out usually on a distance to school basis or pressing need such as parents working in the area etc.
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      We moved here in 2005. We being Hubby and my then 5yo son, now almost 10. He's had/having a wonderful time at Henley Beach Primary. The principal Shane Misso and the rest of the staff always very helpful. Phone number is 83562117. Few pommy kids attend also. We live a walk away from beach, school, shops and Henley Square where we catch up weekly with some other poms!! If you need any more info don't hesitate to msg/call me 0414 779066.

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      Lee and Claire
      I can highly recommend Lockleys primary school (not Lockleys North). It is a great school with really small numbers. Areas round about are Lockleys itself which is where I live, Fulham Gardens, Brooklyn Park etc. I know quite a lot of people at that school live even further away but choose the school because of the small class sizes.

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      Ric & Paula
      Hi our kids are at a school called le Fevre in Birkenhead,and have settled in brilliantly,all the staff are helpful and supportive no issues with other children,we live in Semaphore,gorgeous place loads for children to do.I have no car school trip is 10 mins and has an attached kindy so little man can make buddies before starting scool as my 4 yr old is.She has 4 children starting in July with her good luck xx

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      if school is that important you want to consider going private as its much cheaper than in uk Catholic primary costs about $2300 (includes book packs) a year (can pay monthy if you want) and you still have to pay for state schooling and book packs etc we visited many schools and found that the state schools were very relaxed and chilled which was not right for our oldest you needs a kick up the butt to do anything

      we live in lockleys / underdale on linear park and love it x


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