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    Thread: Cost of living

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      Andrew Family

      Cost of living

      Wasn't sure where to put this but opted for household..... I know that exact figures are not possible as everyone has different size families etc but would it be possible to give me an idea of the cost of living and a break down of monthly bills for a family of four: we are trying to work out if the salary that we will be getting is going to cover all the bills with room for a decent style of living. We just need to be realistic as we won't have the uk support we have and by gaining the info regarding the actual cost of living will see if the move is possible or just a pipe dream.

      As I said I do appreciate that everyone's outgoings are different but an idea would still help. Would also appreciate a basic breakdown so we don't miss anything when we are calculating what we need to put a side. We will have 1 child at school but I have already priced that outgoing.

      Many Thanks

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      Andrew Family

      medical insurance

      Another question: what would we expect to pay for medical insurance for a family of 4? Appriximate figures would be helpful.

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      The figures that I've been quoted from the Company that I'm going to work for on a 457 visa are;
      Single cover - $1258.95 yearly - $104.91 monthly or $24.21 weekly
      Family cover - $2517.90 yearly - $209.83 monthly or $48.42 weekly

      I've opted to pay monthly direct from my wage. Not sure if you'll be able to get it cheaper.
      I believe that these figures may have changed on the 1st April. I will post new figures when I find out.

      Hope this helps.

      Good luck

      Darren & Janet
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      457 visa applied for - 27/11/09 granted 25/01/10
      Flights booked 12/04/10
      PR - 08/03/13

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      It is a difficult one to pin down.

      Have a look at this recent thread..........


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      just had my 3 month leccie bill $272, which i thought was great.


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      it comes down to earning a dollar and spending a dollar rather than trying to convert back to pounds.

      Thats cheap Stevo, did you leave the fridge closed over summer? ;)

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      Quote Originally Posted by lynsteve View Post
      just had my 3 month leccie bill $272, which i thought was great.

      If that was my 3 month leccie bill I would be jumping for joy mine vary from $450-$650 depending on wether the aircon has been used....there is 6 of us

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      Andrew Family

      costs of living

      Will be working the cost of living against what I will be expecting to take home after tax so not converting it to pounds. Thanks for all the feedback so far, we just need to make sure we can afford to live.

      Thank you;)

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      Andrew Family
      Just to add i don't want to know what people earn as that is personal, what I am looking for is just the average cost of bills so we can gauge if one income will be enough and that we are being realistic.

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      earn a lot spend a lot,


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