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    Thread: ADVICE needed - UK - iphone 3G

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      ADVICE needed - UK - iphone 3G

      I have a 3G iphone here in the UK on contract with O2. Unfortunately, I have to pay out the remainder of my contract but do have the option to bring it over to Adelaide. I am rather confused as to whether or not this is possible and if its just a matter of getting an australian sim card, like Telstra or Optus on a contract with them. Does anyone know?

      Thank you!!!

      We are departing in August 2010

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      It will not work in OZ but you can go online with )2 and get the phone Factory Unlocked at no further price as you are technically out of contract it takes around 4 weeks to get the confirmation and then you need to connect the iphone to itunes with a non 02 sim and it should unlock it

      The web address is listed below


      Good luck

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      Thanks Mark. I know I can get it unlocked with O2 as the contract will be over. But can I set up a new contract with an Australian provider pretty easliy? Is the iphone expensive out there?

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      Setting up a SIM only contract or pay as you go is really easy, I used my UK Blackberry while in Adelaide that was unlocked and just got a Vodafone SIM and topped up as needed. Job done ;)

      I personally think that the handsets are expensive

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      hi, i have the unlocking facility for your ipone as long as it is a 3g not a 3gs phone, if you want it just lt let me no and i can give you the info as it is free, my phone is an aussie phone that is now unlocked and took less than 3 minutes to do, you can go on a 3 network (best contract value) and as long as you bring your own phone you are not locked into any contract so you get the best deals around and if another network brings out a better deal you can move without any extra charges. Cheers toby

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      Hi Toby
      Thanks so much for the info. I would really like the unlocking info, would it work on a UK iphone? It is a 3g iphone. So do you think its worth bringing it over in your opinion? I won't be tied to a UK contract as I have to pay it out before I leave.
      Thanks again

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      Your best option would be to fill in the unlocking form on the O2 website, and it will then be OFFICIALLY unlocked. It is the only possible way to be certain that it will remain unlocked when doing future updates etc.

      It's free to do with O2, and when I did it, it was unlocked within 3 days. The trouble with unlocking the iphone in any other manner, is that if you update to the latest software, it's most likely to be locked again.

      Once the iphone is unlocked officially, then you will be able to put any sim card in it from all over the world, and it will work fine.

      I will be getting Orange to unlock my 3GS for me before I head out so I can just get a prepay sim card on an Aussie network, and use my same phone.

      With regards to paying off your remaining O2 contract, make sure you phone up and drop your contract to the lowest possible tariff they will let you (ie from 35 a month down to 15 a month) and then when that is in effect, phone back and cancel and pay off the contract. Then of course you will only pay say 6x15 rather than 6x35 (120 saving).
      It might also be wise to ask them to then put your number onto a PAYG sim, so people will still be able to contact you until they have your new Aussie number.
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      Thanks so much for your advice!!! I really appreciate it!



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