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      do UK tv's work in Oz??

      My hubby & I are in the application process of emigration, which will take over a year, however we need a new TV now!! Is it worth buying a new LED HD TV here? But will it work in Adelaide?? If not why not? can anyone explain? Or should we wait and purchase one there??
      Cheers, Mandi

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      Hi there
      from what i can gather, is that it will work over in oz, as my friends have moved to brisbane and took there tv's and they work, and no complaints from them.
      What i have been led to believe is that the HZ over there is stronger so they dont last as long.
      hope this helps
      Gary (plumbing/gas), Amanda,Emily-jo (14) and Megan (11)

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      they will work if you wire it through an oz video. I personally would wait though.

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      Wait until you get here is our advice. Shortly before we came our old TV packed up so off we went and bought a nice new one with built in free-view, big flat screen. Just the job it was.
      We brought it with us along with our small portable for the bedroom only to find we then had to buy set top box's for it to work properly. Pain in the *** keep swapping remotes and extra cables everywhere. We've since replaced it and it is now simply used in another room just for playing DVDs.

      Wait until you get here the price is about the same.

      Good luck with your application.

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      We brought our plasma and 2 portables with us and they all work fine with the standard free view set top boxes.
      Just gotta change the plugs or use adapters.

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      We had an older type and it wouldn't work, until you went into the programme and changed the setting to France then it worked fine. It's packed in now so there maybe some truth in the HZ thing

      Buy a cheap tv in the UK and bring it over, then buy a nice aussie one when you arrive with full warranty etc. They are not to badly priced at the moment unless you want 3D

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      Quote Originally Posted by mandiw76 View Post
      ...Is it worth buying a new LED HD TV here? But will it work in Adelaide?? If not why not? can anyone explain?
      Have a look here Mandi...all your questions should be answered :)


      The question of whether or not you should buy one now is more difficult. Once you get it here you'll have zero warranty and the parts for a UK TV may be hard to source. That's worst case scenario but worth bearing in mind, especially for something as pricey as an LED backlit TV...




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